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ForPipSake was founded by a community of traders to help simplify and teach trading the foreign exchange market. Our goal is to deliver both concise and simple steps to bring those new to trading, those with moderate trading or even those with expert level of training a way to trade successfully.

Community of traders

We emphasize our community in part because there are varying levels of experience within our group. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced trader, there are individuals that can help, teach and trade along side of you.

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Our community members are online throughout the day for any questions that you may have. We offer a variety of methods to contact and get the help that you need in a quick and efficient manner.


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Created by you

We were founded with one goal in mind, to help traders to become more successful. With that came more research, development and instruction than any other service you can find on the internet or in a classroom. Our community is made up of traders, ex-brokers, investors, and individuals that have not traded and are learning a new facet of life.

Our group will help you to become more knowledgeable and more successful in your trading prowess. Our community is there for you to learn, to trade, and to succeed.

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